Building Brand Equity with BILT


Fumbling with confusing assembly instructions can be a thing of the past, thanks to BILT. BILT is an innovative app that turns perplexing paper manuals into interactive Intelligent Instructions. Your customers can install and assemble with easy, text and voice-guided steps in 3-D. It’s the future of the consumer assembly experience.

What is BILT?

Instead of technical language and complicated diagrams, BILT gently guides your customers through the assembly or installation process with images that can be zoomed in or out and rotated or manipulated to help clarify each step. With Intelligent Instructions, the images come to life before your customers’ very eyes. They can play and pause and skip through the process to focus on a tricky step or find just the right angle to make it products currently on BILTcrystal clear. Customers who prefer to read instructions will see each step explained in text on the screen.

Once your customer downloads the free BILT app, they enter your product in the search bar. They select which model they have purchased and download the Intelligent Instructions. It only takes a few seconds.  They’ll have the opportunity to register the product at the beginning, and again at the end of the assembly process. Next, an overview of the project appears, including a time estimate, the tools needed, the number of steps and how many people are recommended for the job. A parts list as well as the product warnings and warranty are at their finger tips. There is even a phone icon to tap in case they run into trouble because of a missing or damaged part. The call center phone number and hours of operation is listed to minimize frustration. Customers can then follow the 3-D interactive model as it guides them step-by-step through the assembly process.

How Does BILT Build Brand Equity?

BILT is more than just a convenient virtual filing cabinet to keep all of your manuals and warranty information. BILT also builds brand equity and awareness. Customers using BILT to assemble other products will see your product in BILT, which will bring awareness of your brand to the top of their minds. Your brand equity improves when potential customers see you care about their consumer experience. They realize you value their time and are providing every effort to minimize any difficulties. They will enjoy a sense of empowerment and accomplishment when they’re finished assembling and trust they will have the same type of experience putting your product together. They’ll purchase your product over a competitor who is stuck in the dark ages of daunting paper directions. Best of all, they’ll  talk to their friends about their experience; positive product reviews create that “loyalty loop” that makes them net promoters of your brand for life!

Join the Revolution

BILT is revolutionizing the assembly and installation experience through interactive 3-D Intelligent Instructions. BILT is connecting consumers to manufacturers in a way that’s never been done before. Why not join companies like Weber, Yale and Bell who value their consumers’ time and are focused on the consumer experience? Their products are in BILT. Why not start increasing your brand equity, by becoming part of this revolution yourself? Click to learn  more about BILT; let us show you how to delight your customers with a state of the art assembly experience!