BILT Showcased at ISC West


BILT provides Competitive Advantage to Industry Leader

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 7, 2017 – Sands Expo Center: Assa Abloy/BILT ISC West 2017

Hi everyone, this is Nate Henderson, CEO of BILT Incorporated. I just wanted to give you a glimpse here of what’s happening at the International Securities Convention here in Las Vegas this week. We’re here at the booth of our prime customer and parter here: Assa Abloy. They are the world wide leader in door opening solutions. When you think of brands like Yale Lock, Sargent Locks, etc. This is the biggest player in the industry, a Swedish company, incredible reputation for innovation within the industry, but let me show you what happened this week in their relationship with BILT.

You’ll notice here that they have a handful of products here and the ones that are in BILT already all say BILT. Everything that you see here that they have done is their own initiative. Right? This is not something that BILT had to ask them to do. Why? Because it represents a competitive differentiator. You know, you think of this industry, who are the big influencers in it? Well, for the most part, it’s installers. And when an installer sees that he can take a high quality product like this, which, Assa Abloy has an incredible reputation for quality as well as innovation, and then you tell an installer, “Hey, you can do this in half the time.” This, now, is not only a great product, but it’s a more profitable product for them.

So,  because of that, you’ll see here, Assa Abloy, some of these products won two awards. This is a Govie Award, as well as the SIA Award here, and essentially what happened was they were looking at these phenomenal products and then the Assa Abloy team (to seal the deal) they pulled up BILT and said, “Not only do we have a great product, but look at the installation experience.” And according to them, this is what sealed the deal and they’ve won multiple awards. We walk around here [in the Assa Abloy booth] and they’ve got a bunch of awards that they’ve gotten this week, and every one of those products is a BILT product.

So tremendous, tremendous things happening here, as a leader in the industry continues to show the industry how to innovate and create an amazing experience with BILT.