BILT Improves Training & Maintenance


BILT offers a global solution to regional challenges.

ABU DHABI, UAE, October 4, 2016 — The universal demand for user-friendly instructions is making the BILT app attractive to global equipment manufacturers. The International Exhibition for Hardware, Tools, and Machinery convention drew more than 6,000 visitors to the Emirate, including BILT President & COO Ahmed Qureshi.

Abu Dhabi Hardware Show

Improves training on specialized equipment.

“It’s imperative for manufacturers with highly technical components to keep their service partners abreast of improvements and training on specialized equipment,” he said. Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning-Refrigeration (HVACR) require continual training due to innovation and employee turnover. “That becomes extremely expensive for global companies who deal with multiple languages. Updates to training manuals and technical instructions are time-consuming and costly,” said Qureshi.

Poorly-written, outdated, or badly translated instructions lead to frustration and negative customer service interactions. Instructional videos can be expensive to produce and difficult to update, especially when dealing with multiple languages. Every change must be reshot and the entire video reposted. It’s often challenging for users to determine which YouTube video is most appropriate and timely because company channels lose their “hits” when they remove obsolete video tutorials.

BILT app assembly improves training repair installation consumer experience

Abu Dhabi Hardware Show 2016

But BILT changes everything.

“Our goal is to delight our users. We are a consumer experience company and we’ve spent a lot of time researching, observing and learning how people learn,” said Nate Henderson, CEO of BILT Inc. “We’ve synthesized that understanding with the magic of visual enterprise software. It’s pretty amazing.”

Manufacturers’ CAD comes alive in 3D technology so that users can see, hear, and touch the instructions. They can turn images upside down, zoom in and out, and pause audio and text to examine parts from every angle. That’s a huge boon for third country nationals who may have only rudimentary understanding of the text, but can perfectly understand the visual aspect of the interactive instructions.

Best of all, BILT provides data analytics collected by the app to show manufacturers where instructions should be clarified to make the process faster, easier and more understandable. “We can see exactly where users get tripped up,” said Qureshi. “If there are steps to be simplified or users seem to be struggling at the same sticking places, we can fix it digitally. That’s much cheaper than reprinting paper instruction manuals–those are sometimes obsolete by the time they’re printed.”

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