How BILT Saves You Money


increaseing customer satisfaction to save Money with BILT

Customer satisfaction is one of the crucial points every company aims to achieve. You have to ensure customers use less effort and spend less time putting together your products. Satisfying a consumer to the point of him/her coming back for repeat business is the heart of sustainable long-term growth. There are many ways you can better ensure customer satisfaction, but lately, BILT is the trend that has product manufacturers talking.

We developed BILT to serve several purposes. We aim to help manufacturers gain and keep their customers satisfied not just during the product assembly, but at all phases of the customer lifecycle.

BILT serves the following purposes:
• Provides 3-D interactive, digital assembly (and maintenance) instructions to customers.
• Provides step-by-step audio assembly instructions.
• Stores product warranty information so that they always have it when they need it.
• Consumers can register the product immediately with our app.

How it Works

When manufacturers use BILT, they can communicate with their consumers easily. It may not be a two-way communication, but all relevant information is passed to your consumers whenever a need arises. All the manufacturer has to do is send us the information you want to be placed on the app. This could include the assembly instructions, user manual and other product care information, warranty, and/or other paperwork in digital form. After submitting the information in a CAD format, our team does the rest of the work and uploads it within 3-5 days. Then after the information is verified, it can be accessed by customers.

In case something changes and you have to update some information on the platform, BILT makes the process easy. Unlike the old method of reprinting the information, here you only have to send us the updated information and we will update our server. It is super easy and an almost immediate turnaround.For customers who never retain their paperwork, now you can serve them better. With the app, consumers can access their paperwork in a digital form. The information is never lost and can be accessed at any time. Our app aims to relieve all customer pain points that come with the old ways of doing things. If you manufacture products that require assembly and you’re not using the BILT app, then you and your customers are at a disadvantage.

How BILT Saves You Money

Saving Paper

Doing things digitally comes with many benefits. Before the information revolution, all instruction manuals had to be printed in paper form. Even now, most products that require assembly still operate like it’s the 1980’s with little slips of paper or booklets with tiny printed instructions and information. All the money you were spending in the printing process is now eliminated. You get to save that money. Instructions and all information are stored and retrieved in digital form on your laptop, phone or tablet with BILT.

If you’re still including warranty/registration cards with your product, it’s time to toss them and come to the 21st century. Not only will you save paper and printing costs, there are all those man-hours you’ll save when you’re not hiring data entry clerks to digitize all your warranty info received in the mail. This leads us to the next point.

Saving Staff

In the past, manufacturers had to hire professionals to write and proof-read all the instructions before submitting them to consumers. Using our app, you no longer need them. Once you submit the information, the rest is up to us. Our team works on the information as well as the graphics to ensure it is readable by consumers. You save on hiring other professionals.

Now that consumers can access the information online on their own, you get fewer calls. Maybe they’re able to find the product information online, and maybe not. But if they know it’s always at the touch of their fingers in the app, neither party has to worry about it. Fewer customers have to call to ask you questions, which translates to fewer customer support reps needed. Fewer costs mean higher profits.

More Customers

When you add up all the savings, BILT quickly becomes a no-brainer, and we haven’t even talked about the increased sales yet. Our app helps you gain and retain clients. Word-of-mouth and online reviews are the best way to increase conversion rates. One great customer experience often turns into many. We all know consumers go for something they can use without stressing. When consumers realize you have gone the extra mile to improve their experience, they stay loyal to your brand.

Onboarding is easy and inexpensive. You pay a small fee to get your CAD file and other information converted. After that, you only pay for the usage subscription. If you are looking to go the extra mile for your clients, you can be sure they will respond in the same way. For more information visit and get BILT today.