BILT App Under New Ownership


Revolutionizing customer experience for consumer and industrial products

KELLER, TX, September 19, 2016  – BILT Incorporated has acquired the BILT solution from German multinational software corporation SAP SE. The award-winning mobile application revolutionizes consumers’ experience in product assembly, installation, maintenance and repair and definitively transforms the relationship between manufacturers and consumers.

“At its heart, BILT is a consumer experience company and we’re excited to partner with manufacturers who are focused on providing an exceptional user experience,” said BILT Incorporated Chairman & CEO, Nate Henderson. “Professional contractors and installers will find the app ultrapractical in expanding the variety of jobs they can handle and superefficient in keeping current with new products and training.”

Winner of two major customer experience awards, BILT took home a gold 2015 UXie Award for Exceptional User Experience and a 2015 APPY Award acknowledging creativity and innovation, the top prize in the Home/Garden/Interior Design/Lifestyle category. BILT’s team is poised to blitz the app with more manufacturers and products, heralding the end of frustrating, outdated and poorly written (or badly-translated) paper assembly instructions!

“The BILT app is a virtual filing cabinet where consumers can not only save instructions, but also track their warranties,” said BILT Incorporated President & COO Ahmed Qureshi. “BILT connects manufacturers to their consumers in a way that has never been done before.”

“For manufacturers, BILT’s facilitation of the assembly process translates to fewer returns, fewer calls to customer support centers and an increase in the brand’s net promoter scores,” said Henderson. “Manufacturers retain control of their content. Updates to instructions can be pushed out instantly.” Increased product registration rates are another benefit of this uniquely engaging experience.

BILT is free to consumers (including professional installers and repairmen) on iOS and Android. Manufacturers pay a nominal subscription fee to maintain warranty information and update product information in real time. Best of all, the BILT solution is proven to turn detractors into product promoters (NPS).  As more consumers choose to buy online and assemble at home, the BILT APP transforms the initial interaction with a product into an empowering and exciting experience. Visit our website for more information.


About BILT Incorporated:

Incubated inside software giant SAP since 2012, the BILT app has transitioned to an independent operating company, BILT Incorporated, in order to increase flexibility and speed.  Operated by the original team of enterprise software professionals, user experience design and 3D innovation experts, BILT is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience in assembly, installation, repair, maintenance and training. The app includes products ranging from grills, bicycles and baby products to faucets, furniture and fencing and will soon include industrial products and machinery.

Juliette Qureshi
BILT Incorporated