BILT App Debuts to Global Manufacturers


Stressing Safety at Kind + Jugend

COLOGNE, GERMANY, September 22, 2016 — BILT Incorporated attended the largest-ever international trade fair for the baby and toddler sector. Exhibitors of children’s furniture, safety seats, prams, hygiene articles and toys met with BILT’s senior leadership team to learn how the BILT app can improve the assembly experience and increase product safety, which is of special concern in the baby/toddler industry.

Kind Jugend Trade Show 2016

The convention hosted 22,000 trade visitors from 112 countries representing 3,600 brands. Ahmed Qureshi, President of BILT Inc. said, “We got to showcase our award-winning user experience app to an international audience. It was new, it was innovative and everyone we showed it to was amazed. Manufacturers immediately saw the value we could add, the money we could save them.”

BILT solution improves customer experience

Reduce Customer Service Calls

The BILT app provides a solution for children’s companies struggling with assembly instruction issues and high product return rates. These problems prove costly to both manufacturers and retailers. BILT’s 3D interactive instructions even allow manufacturers to overcome design flaws.

“Paper instructions are old and tired and, frankly, confusing for many consumers. New parents are busy and have their hands full. They don’t have time to mess around with poorly written or difficult-to-follow instructions. They’ve got little ones to take care of! BILT can turn a frustrating process into an empowering experience for parents. Providing BILT instructions signals to consumers that these manufacturers recognize that parents’ time is precious,” said Nate Henderson, CEO of BILT Inc.

Empowers Parents DIY Baby Crib

Interactive 3D Instructions

Increase Net Promoter Scores

With both text and voice-guided instructions, and the ability to zoom in and manipulate the product images, the BILT app takes the guess work out of the assembly process. Because most online reviews are completed within 12 hours of taking the product out of the box, a smoother, faster assembly translates into higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) while dramatically decreasing returns.

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