Assembly Instructions: Paper Vs BILT


paper assembly instructions vs bilt

Paper vs BILT

Your customer comes home with a box. This box has your un-assembled product inside. They are excited about it. After opening the package, they realize that the product requires assembly before it can be used. There are a couple of different ways this scenario can go. The assembly instructions can either be paper or you can partner with BILT and provide your customers with 3D Intelligent InstructionsTM.

Confusing vs Easy to Understand

Paper instructions are overwhelming. As soon as a customer opens up the 2, 3…5 of pages of instructions, they are overcome with confusion on where to begin first. “Where is a language that I can understand?” they think, and which tools they will need to assist them?

Using BILT, customers can easily search for the product they’ve purchased and the assembly instructions for that item will come up step-by-step in a language they can understand. They will also be shown which tools they need and which parts of the product they will be using in each step. The 3D instructions give them the capability to zoom in and out as well as rotate 360o. Paper instructions are much easier to lose but BILT 3D instructions can be found on the app anytime on any device.

Frustration and Disappointment vs A Perfect Assembled Product

After a few attempts at trying to assemble your product with paper instructions, customers will get fed up with trying to read, decipher, and decode what they’re supposed to do. Therefore, they will begin to attempt to build the product on their own. Who needs instructions, right? The customer won’t be able to figure out which parts go where. The product will end up being assembled incorrectly and won’t last as long.

BILT 3D assembly instructions will ensure that the product gets built correctly and quickly. It can even be fun for the customer to move the product around on their iPad or other device and see where each part of the product is supposed to be placed.

Returned Product vs Happy Customer

Since the customer built the product incorrectly or wasn’t able to finish building it at all, they will be much more inclined to return the product to your company or the store where they bough it. They will be dissatisfied with your company and will most likely accuse you of a poor quality product or bad customer service – all because the paper instructions were inadequate for their needs and understanding.

By partnering with BILT, you will be able to gain happy customers that will be pleased with your service and your products. They will expect that easy assembly is something associated with your brand.

Customers will chose your company again in the future because of the fun and easy experience they had while assembling your product. They will refer your business to their friends and family and you’ll will eventually gain more and more customers simply because you provided them with 3D assembly instructions.  BILT is the obvious choice for ensuring customer satisfaction and happiness.