Achieving Business Goals


Achieving Business Goals

Setting Business Goals

BILT is a consumer experience company. Our main purpose and goal is to create a mind-blowing experience for our customers (that’s you) and of course, your customers. Your goal is to create return customers by giving them a positive experience. We want to partner with manufacturers like you who want to take care of their consumers as much as we do. Our goals should align. Our app will help us achieve our goal of connecting you with your customers in a way that no other company can. This will also help you to achieve your goal of giving your customers a positive experience and returning to your company every time.

Our End of the Deal

Your customers want high-quality products as well as the convenience of having it shipped or delivered to their door, which sometimes means that they will be dealing with more complex assembly instructions. Our responsibility to you is to create a positive experience for your customers. BILT eliminates confusing paper instructions and replaces them with easy 3-D interactive instructions that guide your customers step-by-step until they have a fully assembled product. This gives your customers the feeling of empowerment and accomplishment.  We give you complete control of your content. You can upload and update your instructions in real-time and don’t have to worry about the struggle and cost of reprinting and packaging them.

Your End of the Deal

As a manufacturer, you will pay a one-time fee to convert your products into BILT format. Our app also requires an annual web-based subscription fee from you, the manufacturer, so you’re only paying for the people who use BILT to assemble your product. It takes as little as one week to get your products on the app. Simply send us your CAD files and we take care of the rest. You can even start out with just one product and see how it goes. You can add more products later as you see how easy and beneficial it is.

Achieving Business Goals

Your consumers will have all the access to their product assembly instructions for free. They simply need to download the app on their mobile device, then search for and select their product. From the beginning, they will see how long it will take to build the product, which tools are required, and all the hardware included with their product. The 3-D instructions allow the customer to play, pause, and read instructions. They can also zoom in/out and rotate in any direction. Our app also allows the consumer to register their product and track their warranty. BILT ensures that the customer has a positive experience with your company. It will be an enjoyable, quick, and easy process for them to assemble the product.

Customers will refer others to you and will also continue to buy products from your company. They are also much less likely to return products to you because they won’t have to deal with confusing paper instructions that take too much time and end with a poorly assembled or broken product. Many other companies such as BELL use our services and highly recommend it. As we partner and work together, we will be achieving business goals together.