Legend has it the idea for the BILT APP originated after a frustrated software engineer lamented to colleagues about attempting to assemble an IKEA nightstand with his wife until 2 o’clock in the morning. The wobbly side table ended up in the trash, but the idea for interactive 3D instructions was born. Conceived in 2012, the BILT APP is the first use of SAP’s Visual Enterprise 3D technology designed specifically for consumers.

Manufacturers’ CAD data is converted into interactive, cloud-based, web-accessed, 3D instructions; each product is about the size of an iTunes song. Winner of two major customer experience awards, the BILT APP took home a 2015 UXie Award for Exceptional User Experience and a 2015 APPY Award acknowledging creativity and innovation, the top prize in the Home/Garden/Interior Design/Lifestyle category.

The BILT APP is free to consumers and technicians on iOS and Android. Manufacturers pay a one-time production fee, a nominal subscription fee, and as needed an hourly fee to update product information in real time. BILT instructions reduce calls to customer service centers, decrease product returns and increase customer loyalty and upselling opportunities. Best of all, the BILT APP is proven to turn detractors into product promoters and dramatically increase Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

BILT’s experts have mastered the art of instructions and are dedicated to enabling consumers and technicians to become wildly successful at even the most complicated tasks. As more consumers choose to buy online and assemble at home, the BILT APP transforms the initial interaction with a product into an empowering and exciting experience.